Gillian Mullings

Gillian Mullings is a legal Strategist and Attorney at Law at Naylor & Mullings

in Kingston, Jamaica. She has practiced law for 17 years, representing a broad

range of clients and handling cases from corporate law to commercial and civil

litigation. A thoroughbred professional, Mullings has been described as tenacious

and highly knowledgeable in her field. This mother of two is also a successful entrepreneur

and owner of “Secrets of Nubia,” a Jamaican skin care line made from authentic Jamaican

herbs. Mullings has made a name for herself by combining her knowledge of chemistry and

her love for healthy and natural skin care products.

Her Early Years.

Mullings was raised by her grandparents in Black River, St Elizabeth. They lived in

the countryside and, as it is in many parts of the world, living out in the country meant

farming, caring for the land and tons of work. While there were other industries like mining in the area, the primary occupation for most of the locals was farming. Her grandparents owned a Pimento farm, which is a Jamaican Nutraceutical used in food

and also as a healing oil.

Chemistry, Law and The Seeds of Entrepreneurship

Mullings later moved to Kingston, Jamaica to go to elementary and high school. She was a diligent student who was great at Chemistry. She loved

science and would set up her little experiments at home. However, according to her, she never really got into exploring chemistry as much until she became a teenager. At that time beauty

trends were in vogue, and the need to look beautiful and have great skin was important to Mullings. So, she started making her own scrubs and skin care products

from sea salt, coconut oil, cocoa and other household products, and they worked really well.  The years passed by and she went on to study Law at the University of West Indies, got married and had

two kids. In her Law practice, she made the decision to go into social activism and ended up handling a lot of cases in relation to social issues; the environment, labor laws, etc.

One of these was the Algix vs. Appleton case which involved the Rum-Sugar company at, Appleton , of putting waste from sugarcane production into the river. It was also discovered that other kinds of

waste from distilleries, a mixture of molasses and sugar, etc. were also being introduced into the waters in and around the River. These, unfortunately, are alleged to have affected

the fish, the fishermen and health and livelihood of the locals in the region.

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