Wars have a cruel and indiscriminate way of impacting the lives of a population, diverting individual lives into unknown directions. The decades-long war that had engulfed Geteey Omars’ native country, Afghanistan, has not been any different.

From a very young age, it became obvious that, Geteey, was gifted with a unique sense of creativity. She loved to create arts and crafts projects, designing unique pieces to be displayed around her house. Each day, after school, she was excited to start another project, experimenting with different color schemes and textures.

But, soon, life would change in more ways than Geetey could have ever anticipated. The Russian invasion of Afghanistan changed everything. Political unrest and division plagued the country. The sense of security and peace began to shatter under the heavy weight of daily violence and fear. In order to ensure their children’s safety and well-being, Geteey’s parents decided to flee the country.

As Geteey was being uprooted from her native country, she bade farewell to her lifelong friends and also her precious hand-made projects that adorned the rooms of her family home. Despite an uncertain future, she made a promise to herself that she would never leave her dreams behind, and that they would accompany her to wherever life would take her next.

In 1990, Geteey finally arrived in the United States. She was now determined to eliminate all the obstacles that life had placed on her path to accomplishing her creative aspirations. She worked tirelessly to overcome the language barrier, familiarized herself with a new culture, and she swiftly assimilated into her new surroundings. Geteey also continued to excel in the fields of interior design and decoration. Her passion, hard work, unique vision, and perseverance finally came to fruition with the creation of Platinum Weddings and Décor in Northern Virginia. She had finally realized her American dream and her entrepreneurial spirit. One of her goals was to be culturally sensitive to the needs of a vastly diverse clientele.

Her dedication to each client and her creative vision have earned her accolades, support, and rave reviews. Geteey, believes that the success of her growing business is largely due to her meticulous attention to detail and her refined and ever-evolving sense of style. She values the individuality of each client and strives to fulfill all their expectations.

Geteey’s drive and passion to turn her clients’ wishes into reality have made her a successful entrepreneur. After all, who values dreams more than a woman who as a little girl had to abandon everything but her dreams?

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