I recently had the privilege of attending an event in Vineland, NJ where a phenomenal woman Dr. Sandrie Serrano Bermudez, a blessed Entrepreneur | Mentor/Life Coach | Global Public Speaker | Wife of the former Mayor of New Jersey | Chancellor, and Author is intentionally laser focused and hard at work. Gliding from room to room, with poise and grace, Dr. Bermudez reviews the program that she and her team have carefully ordered. The seminars and VIP luncheon are filled and looking at the audience, one gets the sense that this event has been crafted with the people in mind. Conference attendees have clearly come out to support their favorite artists but they have also come with an expectancy and are ready for a move of God. As she prepares to take the stage, I realize that I am in awe of her passion and cannot wait to hear what she is getting ready to say to the masses. Full of energy and enthusiasm, she delivers a message with power and humility. “Are you ready to See Beyond?” she asks the crowd. “I believe so much in all of you…I and my team have been in much prayer for ALL of you to receive what God has in store for you today!” It was such a blessing to have met her. So, let’s get started with HER STORY.

Who is Dr. Sandrie Serrano Bermudez?
I am glad you asked! First, let me say this. She is an inspirational woman with great wisdom & wit. A Resident of the beautiful city of Vineland, New Jersey, Dr. Sandrie Serrano Bermudez is the former First Lady and is married to a former Mayor and entrepreneur; The Honorable Ruben Bermudez elected in 2012-2016. She has served for more than 40 years in the corporate & lecture circuit where her focus has been on leadership development, personal growth, and global operations management. She is also the overseer of the Hands Fellowships, CEO of the Hand Foundation, NJ, and an Executive Director of the John Maxwell Team as an effective, inspirational and influential speaker. Whether in the public or private sector, her teaching style is engaging, well-researched, pertinent to her audience, entertaining, distinguished, and distinct. Her style is “big, broad, and animated.” She leaves her audiences hungry for more with an unforgettable experience. She teaches and equips individuals on a local and global stage via her rich life experiences and through a myriad of entrepreneurial platforms, which include but are not limited to: Sandrie Global Media, Sandrie Global Ministries, and Global Government Leadership Institute. With vast experience working in entertainment and media, Dr. Serrano Bermudez is working in partnership with Wave Network and protégé Michelle Bonilla as an executive producer for “iDesign” – an unscripted reality TV show merging the worlds of the high fashion runways and the heartlands of social injustices on a global scale.

Equipping Families Worldwide Since 1978
Dr. Bermudez has been serving God since 1978, equipping families, from the neighborhoods to the Nations. “I believe in creating an environment where everyone feels, accepted, challenged, supported, and affirmed…it is at the core of who I am and part of my kingdom work,” says Bermudez. As I looked at her and listened to her, I remember thinking, “What a powerhouse! What a leader!” –A true scholarly intellectual and motivational force called and sent to the Nations. In writing this article about her, certain words came to my mind as I attempted to describe Dr. Sandrie Serrano Bermudez: She is a passionate visionary, entrepreneur, mentor, life coach, destiny helper, and philanthropist. She is intentionally laser-focused while on her mission to transform lives one family at a time. Helping others achieve their dreams and the greatness within themselves is at the heart of her core values.

Honors & Awards
Bermudez has received many honors including the following: The Rosa Parks Award (2016), United to Serve America Diamond Award for effective leadership and outstanding service in Washington, D.C. One of the 50 top influential Latina Businesswomen in the United States by “El Diario La Prensa” (A Spanish Newspaper in New York City). She has represented Youth Entertainment Studios (YES) at a Global Level and served on the Collin Powell Youth Summit to name a few. One would expect that with her many accomplishments, she might be ready to slow down, right? It is exactly the opposite! Stay tuned for more from this dynamic woman of power, influence, and faith. Dr. Serrano Bermudez is just starting to warm up! She has currently released her devotional book “The Power of One Moment”. In her own words: This book is a unique journal that serves as a creative and engaging way to experience the power of many words, moments, and insights from my heart to yours. These are stories from my personal journey that I hope will inspire you to create your very own personal thoughts, ideas, and lists so that you too can set your sights high and SEE Beyond.

So Where Does She Go From Here?
For anyone who knows Dr. Serrano Bermudez, she is ready to FLY Beyond, staying intentionally laser focused and careful to promote a global vision with a local view. One more phrase that sums up her passion and captures her heart, Dr. Serrano Bermudez is often quoted saying “Though we are many we are one” which speaks to her relentless commitment to building families, churches, and communities always at home and abroad. When asked about some of the most memorable events that she has hosted, Dr. Bermudez says: “I am proud of our Tasha Cobbs Concert where we hosted well over 1000 people and recently hosting RealTalkKim – from Atlanta, GA. – has also been a successful and incredible experience. In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis looming overhead, we had a great turnout! These events were created in partnership with Jarivette Andujar Swope, and Dr. Lauretta Pierce (a.k.a. the Cookie Lady). We also featured speakers such as Prophetess Sister Perri Reid, (formerly known as Pebbles), and Pastor. Jr Serrano, Dr. Lei Lewis (yours truly) with Women Of Wealth Magazine, and recording artists Raul Sanchez and Michelle Bonilla.

Look for more upcoming SEE BEYOND – The Gathering events in the near future! For more information on where to connect with Dr. Sandrie Serrano Bermudez please visit: handfoundationnj.com or e-mail: Handfoundationnj@gmail.com